Finance & Loan Application Northern Ireland

Finance & Loan Applications

We are continually involved with clients in raising finance with banks and other institutions for:

– expansion/refurbishment of existing businesses

– purchase of new businesses

– purchase of property or other assets

Business advice in this area can involve guidance on:

– ability to repay debt and consequently the term of such debt

– how the debt should be structured between long/short term

– proportion of debt to equity

– obtaining competitive rates on debt

The advice may involve the preparation of Business Plans setting out the scope, the objectives and ambitions of the transaction, and may involve detailed cash projections to demonstrate returns from the transaction.

On major transactions, we may perform due diligence as required, tailored for the purchaser and/or the bankers to the transaction.

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Finance & Loan Applications Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland & UK

We can help you plan and raise a business case for raising finance or loan applications with banks and other institutions.

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