Corporate Tax Services Northern Ireland

Corporate and Personal Tax Services

We offer the following services in the area of personal and corporate tax:

– Annual tax compliance work including the filing of Self-Assessment tax returns and Corporate Tax Returns using IXBRL

– Tax investigation work which extends to both local office enquires and those instigated by the Special Compliance Office.

Tax Planning which includes:

– Inheritance/Estate planning which is now a major area of concern given the modest threshold of £325,000 before an estate becomes chargeable to 40% tax.

– Capital Gains Tax Planning with particular emphasis on succession planning for family companies.

– Corporate Tax Planning with particular emphasis on group/company restructuring, and tax efficient remuneration for director/shareholders

For more complex tax planning, we can introduce you to a selection of tax specialists, whom we partner and assist you to implement such recommendations as proposed.

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Corporate & Personal Tax Services Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland & UK

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